About Us

Who We Are


Our Mission Statement:

Ending hunger to individuals who are legitimately home bound.

Our Vision Statement:

Bring food to individuals and families in the region, and still allowing the satisfaction of self-preparing.

Our Story

Chris and Al Beck have worked at the COMMUNITY LINK food bank as volunteers for the past four years.  Al rides on the truck and helps collect food from our local grocers and Chris does shopping duties for the clients.

For the last several years they have talked about giving back to the community but never found the right approach.  After working at the food bank, it became clear that there were clients and potential clients that did not have the means to come to the food bank for their benefits.

After discussing the need with the managers at the food bank and after the managers confirmed a definite need but they did not have the means to deliver food, it became clear that this was the Beck’s calling.

After registering as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation with the State of Texas; On Angel Wings Delivery Inc. was born.  The corporation was formed in May 2019 and Deliveries began in July 2019.  Chris is the President and CEO while Al serves as the Vice President and Director of Operations.

The Becks are happy and feel blessed to be providing a service to the truly home bound individuals in the community.  Most clients are elderly, but not exclusive to the aged, and the service is available to anyone that is legitimately home bound.

Community Spirited

As an outward sign of our community commitment, we have adopted Golf Club Road in Fort Worth for our organization.

Next Steps…

Do you need home delivery? Or would you like to learn more about how you can support On Angel Wings? Then please contact us! Contact Us