How to Use Our Services

About Our Services

On Angel Wings is a free home delivery service that serves home bound clients of the Community Link Food Pantry.

At this time, On Angels Wings Delivery is only able to service clients at the locations listed below.  Should you reside at one of these locations and are in need of food delivery from Community Link in Saginaw due to a handicapping condition, health issues and/or lack of transportation, please contact us.

Fair Oaks Apartments
4401 Quail Trail
Fort Worth

Sedona Village
2800 Sedona Ranch Drive
Fort Worth

Mariposa Apartment Homes at Spring Hollow
451 McLeRoy Blvd.

Harmon Senior Villas
2401 Golden Heights Rd.
Fort Worth

STEP 1: Become a Client of Community Link

We are partnered with the Community Link Food Pantry. If you are currently a client that uses their services, but can't get to the facility due to being home bound, we are here to help. Contact us to make arrangements for home delivery.

If you are not a client with Community Link, you will need to be approved by them. To start this process, please visit the Community Link web site or call them at 817-847-4554 for information.

STEP 2: Contact Us

Once approved, contact us to make arrangements for your home delivery!